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Breaking Bread

The holidays are just weeks away and with them comes a mile-long to-do list which only inspires napping.  This has been a bustling year for many of us and like me you may also be craving a small intimate Thanksgiving with your nearest and dearest.  A table set with some rustic handmade pieces lends itself to a celebration of family and home. The goal is cozy, casual but also pretty and special too.  

You know, like your mom.


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Not-So-Classic Black and White 

What's black and white and glam all over? This fun fabby bathroom, that's what!  Every square inch of this room is slathered in black and white textures and patterns with a dash of gold for good measure.  Black and white is always classic but this kicks it up a notch with a wink and a smile. It's a feast for the eyes and good for the soul.  

Trust us, we're designers.


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A Peachy Little Gallery Wall



Gallery walls are our jam!  Here's a peachy keen round-up of some of our current high-low favorites. 


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Indian Summer


The sweltering dog days of summer are here which makes night time the right time to be outside. While it may be too hot to be outside during the day there is every reason to be outdoors once that fireball sun sinks behind the horizon. Imagine how fancy you'll be enjoying cinema al fresco while you luxuriate on your open-air daybed rather than sitting inside on the couch watching tv in your sweats.

It's all about context, baby.



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Stormy Weather


We're anticipating the coming of Fall and dreaming of cooler days and longer nights. Slate blue has been drawing our attention lately; it's that perfect combination of cozy yet still refreshing. Maybe it's because it is reminiscent of the much needed dark storm clouds that have not been seen here in California for several years now. Wait! I think we may have just set the world record as the first interior design firm to be inspired by the drought! Bring it, El Niño! 

Whatever the case is, we're smitten with this color.


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