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Turning an Empty Nest to a Double-Twin Guest Room 

Written by guest blogger Dane O’Leary from

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 Every fall, countless parents pack up their college freshmen and move them into their dorms and temporary undergraduate residences. The coming-of-age of children is very much bittersweet for the parents. Oftentimes there’s a touch of empty nest syndrome as chicks fly the coop, but there’s good news too; this means regaining the time and freedom that was sacrificed almost two decades ago in the name of parenting.

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 Leaving the nest means parents have the opportunity to convert old bedrooms into something new and perhaps more useful. While creating a sewing room or home gym is always an option, turning an old bedroom into a guest room serves the dual purpose of giving you a means of accommodating visitors while ensuring that your visiting chicks always have a place to stay as well. In fact, guest rooms with two twin beds have become a popular way to utilize forfeited bedrooms because they provide plenty of space for guests, are ideal for both couples and non-couple visitors, and allow kids to bring a friend home from college if they so choose. 

Consider these tips for turning an empty nest into a great double-twin guest room:

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 Recycling Existing Furniture

When your kid leaves their bedroom behind, they’ll often have packed up their clothing and essentials, but leave behind much of their furniture. Dorm rooms are usually furnished, which means the college-bound don’t need to take much in the way of furniture. You could either sell it, donate it, pack it up in case they need any of it in the future, or you could see if any cast-offs could be repurposed into something that would go great in your new guest room.

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Unless it’s a twin, the existing bed likely won’t be of much use. Look at peripherals like chests-of-drawers, nightstands, armoires, and things of the like. These are pieces that could possible be used in their existing form, or you might prefer to refinish them by sanding them down and staining or painting them another color. This will require some level of planning for the guest room so you’ll know its intended style and color palette, but recycling and refinishing can be a fun way to create your desired look with custom pieces.

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 A Bold Opportunity

Speaking of the design, there are generally two ways to approach the decor of a guest bedroom. On the one hand, since this is a space you won’t personally be using very often you could use this as an opportunity to take risks, choosing styles and colors that you wouldn’t normally use in decor. If you tend to prefer traditional decor, you might consider styling this new guest space so that it’s more contemporary, or perhaps an industrial, urban look. Thinking outside the box and utilizing types of design that are outside your typical comfort zone can be a lot of fun and perhaps a great form of therapy for an empty nester.

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Two Twin Beds

Having two separate beds has become one of the preferred guest room setups. It’s popular because having two twin beds allows two guests that are not a couple to have separate beds in which they can each sleep rather than having to bunk together in a single bed. This also means you could have two single visitors at the same time, assuming they’re both family and wouldn’t mind staying in the same room. Visiting college students will likely bring friends or a candidate spouse other home for visits or to meet the family, and it’s more appropriate—or perhaps just gives parents more peace of mind—to have separate accommodations.

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 Twin beds are typically much less expensive than larger beds. Additionally, they’re smaller size allows you to have two separate beds even in a somewhat limited space. You can either buy the whole setup—mattresses, frames, headboards—or forego the headboards if you want to save money or prefer the no-headboard look.


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Thanks so much to  Dane O’Leary!

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Love is in the air!

Be mine, Valentine!!

We are crushing so hard on our new ticking pattern that we're calling it VALENTINE.  It is available in all 28 of our signature colors.  This pattern is so fresh, it's not even on our website yet!  However, you can request samples here or order directly through our Etsy shop.

Let the love affair begin!


Be Mine, Valentine!!


Here we find the lady of the house in her dressing room.  Clearly she's quite fabulous!  Anyone who can pull of a Joan Collins style dressing gown has got to be fierce...  Wait a minute.  That is Joan Collins' dressing gown from Dynasty!  The lady of the house delights in mixing style periods and patterns.  She is crazy for anything glammy and fun.  She loves how the floral wallpaper pairs with our new staid Valentine Ticking drapery. Or how the black porcupine quill mirror plays off the bubble gum art print.  

We do too!

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1. Drapery Rod and Rings  2. Workroom C Valentine Ticking Fabric in Ink  3. Rosa Wallpaper in Persimmon and Metallic Gold  4. Jewelry Stand  5. Virginia's Vice Art Print  6. Vintage Lacquered Chinese Folding Screen  7. Ibis Table Lamp  8. Black Porcupine Mirror  9. Turner Credenza  10. Vintage Perfume Bottle  11. Dressing Gown  12. Bacharach Swivel Chair  13. Sand Waves Rug


Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year

Happy New Year!

It's that time of year again, Pantone has unveiled their pick for the "it" color of the year and it's called Marsala! In their own words, Pantone describes the color as "a naturally robust and earthy wine red".

If you want to stay on trend in 2015, we're here to help.  All of our Workroom C fabric patterns will also be available in a limited edition run of Marsala for the remainder of the year!  We chose some of our favorite fresh Marsala color combinations from our own Workroom C color palette to make mixing and matching easy.  Spoiler alert:  We are very excited to announce that we will soon be unveiling two new fabric patterns in the coming weeks.  Yay!

It's going to be a great year!!


It's A Merry Etsy Holiday!!

We've turned to everyone's favorite purveyor of vintage/indie/handmade/craftastic goodness for some holiday decorating inspiration...  That lovable juggernaut, Etsy!  There's a treasure trove to be found there, you can decorate your whole house from top to bottom, find the perfect holiday card, buy ALL of your gifts, the stockings, the wrapping paper, ornaments and even the tree!!

Let's start with the front door and the Christmas wreath.

We found this beautiful custom handmade wreath at Wild Ridge Design.  The one above is a grapevine wreath featuring pip berries and scented oil.  If you're looking for a fun retro vibe, look no further than Hester, Maude & Nancy. They create heirloom quality Christmas wreaths and decor from antique ornaments.

Next up we have some deer!  What's that you say?  Your mantle is missing that something special?  When in doubt, put a deer on it!  Our favorite is this Ceramic White Deer Vase by Near And Deer.

Or this Vintage Brass Mid-Century Reindeer found at Rust Belt Threads.

These amazing white ceramic mugs come from Barceramics.  The hooves are covered in pure gold!  These amazing cups are 100% handmade in Poland.

We found some very cool Hanukkah pieces this year by Studio Armadillo out of Israel.  The first is a beautiful modern ceramic dreidel, it also doubles as a bud vase making it useful all year round. 

We also went crazy for their gorgeous origami inspired menorahs.

We love a great garland and lucky for us, there is a plethora to be found on Etsy.  This gold star garland is by Hoopsy Daisies in Greece; it's so simple yet perfect for spreading holiday cheer.

This pretty mint and gold garland comes from Transparent Es Decor in Spain.

We found these super fun modern Scandanavian inspired stockings at Beek in Portland, Oregon.

 We're crazy for this set of vintage, yet completely contemporary, snowy mountain landscape wrapping paper by Normans Printery.  

They also make this great Swiss Alps wrapping paper as well.  Love it!!

If you're more of a traditionalist, Normans Printery has a lot to offer you too.  Checkout their Winter Forest Wrap!

There are so many fantastic hand-made and vintage ornaments on Etsy that it was hard to narrow down our selection, but here are some of our favorites.

These exquisite white and gold geometric ornaments are on trend this year.  We found them at Loop Design Studio, located in Israel.

Who can resist the charm of these Mid Century Colorful Glass Christmas Ball Ornaments?  The Vintage Road 2 Retro has an enormous array of vintage goodness just waiting to fill your heart with Christmas nostalgia.

And last but not least, we have the Christmas tree.  Sure, it would be very hard to give up having that Christmasy pine smell that a real tree provides, but these trees are making us think twice.

If you're looking to keep Christmas really simple this year, look no further than Cardboard Christmas in Estonia.  This pared-down tree is made of 100% natural recycled cardboard, it stores flat and can be used again and again, year after year.

This tree makes our hipster hearts very happy! Better yet, it comes to us right from San Francisco from ReTree Joy.  Its clean, open design allows you to see all those great Etsy Christmas ornaments you've just purchased.

Well that about wraps up this epic Etsy post...  We could go on and on (quite literally forever) about the holiday magic going on at Etsy, but you should go see it for yourself! There is still enough time to ship...

P.S.  They even have gift cards